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LDR - Long Distant Relationship


The LDR was not always apply for couples of lover but also for parent and their children, siblings and business partnership or work branches etc.

I am please to invite All of Your thoughts and comments to share and enlighten either positive and negative impact and perhaps any tip note for solution. Why need to be separated. Does LDR (still) become the optional in these days?

I believe life are getting difficult at any sector of social, economy, geographic and politics.

Some have to live distant apart due to living needs. Some colleague has to assigned at overseas or different local areas to met the company's need. Some have to live separately to chase their goal for future at the better country. Some have met their partner but still in certain lack delayed to meet. Some been separated due to desease and Some did separated with the family or people they love to because being in jailed. Some did separated with their children because of divorce or been enrolled to homestay at the far away School or Country.

In the end of the days, likewise the Old stories from Grandparents share, "there is never too late or to waste for struggling the battle in the fields and leave the people we love and where we belongs because distant ain't matter anymore when you know there always the reason to come back home".

Look forward for your insightful thoughts.
Thank you All wonderful Members😊

Maria Arrieta

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