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Learn - How to trade.

Its all about "When you are a BEAR you earn when you are a BULL you earn. Its only if you are a PIG you get slaughtered.

Since my past 10 years of experience in all forms of trading one thing I learned is do not get into the market if you are not aware of. Once you contemplate enough then you give it a try on something which you will learn and execute trades along. Relying on some specialist is something I encourage on later part of trading.

You enter in market with decent amount (gradually) 4 figures in $$$. Pick your assets wisely. Avoid getting in Fair of trading on all assets. It will get one distracted in this market.

If one gives me a liberty to choose between technical and fundamentals, I would jump along fundamentals. As fundamentals are the ones move the market along.

Regards to technical. Ones you sustain 2 months down the line your trading platform will start talking with you (Seems bit funny?) but this is the best part of it.

The most important part is being ready. Being ready???????

If one is not ready to loose money one is not ready earn.

You may go on wild survey out of which major traders will agree to the above.

At present the data reflects at the outpost, that majority had their Return on Investment after Protected content .

Happy trading all.

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