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Learning to Laugh for No Reason and WHY?

Well, that's a question that arises frequently in my travels teaching laughter yoga and talking about it with my friends and contacts...Why is Laughing for No Reason important?

"Life is so difficult, there is nothing to laugh about!" I hear this frequently...and THAT is exactly why learning a NEW conditioning is SO important. You see...we are extremely conditioned through years of seeing it as What You Do....Anger is what you do. Feeling Overwhelmed is what you do. Feeling Aggravated...feeling depressed...feeling alone...feeling hurt....feeling frustrated...these are What We Do....Why?

Conditioning! it's time to learn a new conditioning.

Why? Well, this only applies if you want to feel better...if you want to feel good...if you would LIKE to enhance within yourself a sense of POSITIVE OPTIMISM.

If you do...and currently you spend much of your time Glum or Irked or feeling Overwhelmed or Depressed and Anxious...well, learn to LAUGH FOR NO REASON!

The first step is to just say, "Okay!...I'm open to MAYBE coming to see what this could be all about and that MAYBE it will change my outlook and how I deal with Day to Day Stress and Worries.

Yeah...Okay...That's all you need to do to start!

and I'll post more if there seems to be some interest!


Love and Laughter,

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