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Legal papers served via Social network sites

An Australian couple have been served with legal documents via the popular social networking site Facebook.

“Mr McCormack says he resorted to Facebook to trace the couple after unsuccessful attempts to contact them at their home address and via email, and they failed to attend a court appearance on 3 October.
He found the woman's page, and used details listed there such as her date of birth to argue in the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court that she was the person in question. Her partner was listed as one of her "friends".
In granting permission to use the social networking site, the judge stipulated that the papers be sent via a private email so that other people visiting the page could not read their contents.
In the past, the Australian courts have granted permission for people to be served with legally binding papers via email or even text message”

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That these social networking site are useful for business and reach old friends and make new ones is a fact………to use it for legal issues, a natural evolution ? Does this open a Privacy issue ? Was it correct the court gave permission?

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