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Legends, Myths and Folklore Linked with Landscape

For a long time, I've been interested in visiting places linked with myth, legend and folklore. In Dimmuborgir, Iceland, some lava formations are said to be the petrified remains of trolls. Glastonbury,UK is a major site associated with Arthurian legends. Mount Olympus in Greece actually exists (and it's a fine walk in the woods!). In Sherwood Forest, UK there is a large tree that is apparently where Robin Hood and his gang hung out.

Legend has it that the burning hill of Yanar Dag in Azerbaijan was caused by a shepherd who accidentally lit a natural gas fire with a cigarette. And in Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire, the rock formations "Calf" and "Cow" were apparently shaped when a giant tripped and broke off a chunk of rock as he was running away from his wife. And I'm very keen to visit Carnac, France, where apparently the stones were created when Merlin turned one of Caesar's armies to stone.

Whatever the stories are behind a mountain, a tree, a ruin, a river or a wasteland, the folklore gives them an added texture that makes them more compelling to visit.

I thought I'd start this thread and let people post examples of myths, legends and folklore that are linked to places you can actually visit. Does anyone have a story they want to tell?

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