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Let's build a list of cool places for plants

I'm interested in finding out places around the world that are associated with interesting plants. For some sites, they might be interesting because the plants are old, they have an interesting ability or they are associated with folklore or historical events.
So let's build a list! Think about where you've lived or been, and add to the list. I will start...:

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Plant: Gog and Magog
Location: Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
Reason for being cool: These are apparently over Protected content old and are named after giants from mythology. They have been a popular draw for modern druids. Gog is apparently dead but last time I was there Magog was still alive.

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Plant: Glastonbury Thorn Tree
Location: Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
Reason for being cool: The modern day tree you see there is apparently the result of multiple propagation efforts over the ages. According to legend, the original tree used to be the staff carried by Joseph of Arimathea. It flowers twice a year, once in winter and once in Spring.

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Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon)
Location: Western Uganda
Reason for being cool: As you trek through the mountain area, you get to experience high altitude swamp at an equatorial lattitude. The vegetation is bizarre, and moss seems to hang like sheep's wool off most trees.

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Plant: Vine of Pausanius
Location: Pangrateika Kalyvia, Greece
Reason for being cool: Greece declared this vine a Monument of Nature. Apparently this vine was mentioned by the Greek traveller Pausanias, who lived from about 110AD to 180AD. It is associated with the tale of Hercules chasing the Ceryneian Doe.

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Plant: Stari Bar Olive Tree
Location: Mirovica, Stari Bar, Montenegro
Reason for being cool: It's an olive tree that is apparently over Protected content old. For an olive tree, it's massive.

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Plant: The heather fields of Pickering
Location: Pickering, Yorkshire, England.
Reason for being cool: The North York Moors area has the most heather moorland left anywhere in England or Wales. In late July, the landscape starts to turn purple.

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Plant: Gardens of the Keukenhof
Location: Holland
Reason for being cool: colour overload in an area covered with all sorts of tulips and flowers.

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