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Lets Treat The Sick World

Today one of my clients she is very old Dr S Dougall, called into my work to transfer sum funds.
She is over 70 years old and still working to safe children with cancer, in Africa.
She is selling her house to provide shelter for them, and cure them.
If 25 % of World population act as Dr S Dougall, imagine what World be like?
We have, evils, power sicking minds, lots of selfish minds, on the other hand we have lots of good people.
Unfortunately power is in hand of evils.

Power is in hand of company owners (who are killing the World)
Power is not in hand of government, they are worker of big companies’ bankers’ employee, who acts for their interest...
Israil is a bombing civilians and killing lots of children...
On other side ISID appeared couple of months ago, trying to establish another power killing, civilians in horrific way..
Interestingly at the same time civilian plane crashed in Ukrainian and Russian border, lots of conspiracy theory behind( Russian economy in recent years getting stronger.. Russia is one of the strong countries in political term. Who knows ,west need it an excuse for Russia, now it is a perfect time and excuse) This plane crash is on top of the Western Worlds news, Western countries organised emergency meeting for safety of on board.
When it comes to their safety, they are able to set emergency meeting.
What about innocent civilians are killed in Iraq, Syria, Palestine.. All they do is appearing on news do their speech. But no action is taking.
UK is talking already to impose sanction against Russia..
But no sanction against Israil, it is okay to kill babies!
If every one of us act as little as Dr S Dougall, what World be like?
How ready are you to treat the sick World as an individual?

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