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Life in Singapore

Hi All,

I'm considering a new job opportunity in Singapore and wanted to get an idea what life is like over there, and how easy it is to meet others, etc…

To give a bit of background about me: I'm from the UK, 40 and I'll be heading over on my own. I probably sit in the middle of the city/countryside divide - I enjoy the energetic atmosphere of a big city, as well as cafe's, restaurants, culture, etc, but I also love being in the outdoors and enjoy rock climbing and hiking. I also prefer socialising with friends in a pub/bar or at our own houses rather than big nights out.

As I'd be going over alone I'd like to understand how well I’m likely to suit Singaporean life. Whats the general culture like over there? What’s it like for us slightly older single people - are there many singles of my age or am I likely to spend my life there as a third wheel? Is it easy enough to meet new people and are friendships more short-term (i.e. is Singapore a transient county) or longer term? Of course, I expect there will be a mix of all the above but hopefully people can indicate the rough distributions.

Regarding activities – does Singapore offer much in the way of outdoor sports (climbing, mountain biking, etc) as well as other activities such as photography, cooking, board games classes/groups. With regard to the rock climbing specifically, I know Singapore is nearly all indoors (apart from the quarry), but if anyone can comment on the climbing there / nearby that’d be great.

Thanks for any help and advice you can share!

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