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Life with No Alcohol


I was never an alcoholic, but I decided to make a change and completely stop drinking.

I did not attend any AA meetings, or do anything. Just stopped. And I wanted to share my experiences with it.

Alcohol never helped anything, yes it gave temporary relief when depressed or in a state of stress. But it did not help.

Its not easy to stay off alcohol, especially when at a club or bar with friends. Alcohol is, what many would say, a social lubricant. It eases inhibitions, and makes you more confident.

The saying "Beer : helping ugly people have sex since 1st centrury AD" is very true.

But this last Sunday when I was at an open air Market, I was cheerful, happy - almost on a high. I felt that "high" from natural reasons : fresh air, being with friends, and I did not need alcohol for that feeling.

And my experience over the past several months at the clubs / bars has improved even with no alcohol.

Look, lets be honest here: we go to bars not to dance, but to feed our egos. We like getting the admiration and attention of the opposing sex, competing with other members of the same sex to get the said attention, and ultimately (as National Geographic showed on its programs) select a "mate" (albeit temporary) on much more 'primal' instincts. Its quite a lot of fun.

Did I miss the courage from alcohol, YEAH! And it does get terribly boring, at least in the beginning - when you are the only moron nursing an apple juice.

But I honestly feel I have adapted to it. I can bide my time, am better able to select the 'marks', and honestly many women love it that you don't drink!

Not to mention, going clubbing just got a whole lot cheaper! Last weekend I spent a measly 4 euros for drinks (for myself) for clubbing from 11:00pm to 3:30pm.

Compare that to $15 to $25 for a single long island ice tea or $10 for a beer (in Hollywood / Beverly Hills clubs), thats a boatload of money saved!

And yeah, you don't have to worry about doing anything stupid, no drunk driving issues, and bouncers don't have a reason to kick you out. I never had a drunk driving issue, but then spending $35 to $40 for a Protected content cab drive at 2:30am was not cheap. Now I can drive and no problems.

I am just writing this here, to raise awareness. I am not trying to preach, and I am not trying to tell people right from wrong. I support the freedom of choice, if a person wants to drink, its their right to choose.

I am just opening an option for you to consider.

Many people don't stop drinking because they think they might have less fun. Many of these people are not alcoholics, just regular joes. (Not that being an alcoholic is anything bad. Alcoholism is a disease, which needs treatment. Being an alcoholic does not mean you are a bad human being).

Maybe my story can help you try it out : go clubbing, don't drink... and see how you like it.

Might be a new lifestyle decision for you!

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