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Liquidventilation Experiment scheduled this year!

This year we want to organise a major event in Egypt, it will be the first liquidventilated dive that has been ever attempted live on human using a "Rebreather" but the lungs are flooded with a liquid.
This event will include a conference regarding liquidventilation, all people attempting the conference will be able to buy a "cosmolung 15" apparutus by the end of this year for the price of 5K€ instead of 15K€ .

1) It will also include technology of liquidventilation, the concept of the Cosmolung 15,60 and Protected content , the two last models are for longer dives.
2) Rescue system for the submarines
3) Medical use for people with lung damages and anasthesia systems (medical field)
4) Long underwater work times for saturation divers and commercial diving
5) How it can be used in space Technology
6) Deep diving without decompression
7) YoYo diving without any problems of bubble formation
8) Technical diving
9) Rescue divers apparatus system
10) Special units for the Police

I am looking for some sponsors interested in this technology, the Platinium sponsors will have the right to be on place when the experiment will be done, I am also looking for a serious Media Channel, TV, Research channel that would be the only one that can film live the experiment and will have all rights to publish the experiment.
The financial part regarding the sponsoring that I am looking for is about 1Mio€ to cover the costs regarding the research, event costs, apparatus costs etc...
We will be ready by the beginning of june this year for the experiment.
So if anyone has any contacts or is interested in helping me please send me an email.
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Thanks for your help!

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