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Live in New Cairo Egypt or Springhill Malaysia?


I may have two work offers, each in these very different "towns", and I'm not sure how to choose.

The job in New Cairo is in the 5th Settlement/District , just south of S. El-Teseen St, near the Talaat Harb Axis; Springhill is near the junction of freeways E29 & 53, 30 min. drive from Port Dickson & 1 hr. drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The money's about the same and Springhill gives me Protected content currency for an interest free car loan but New Cairo gives me a free flight annually, and nearby Europe's my favorite place.

In short it still may come down to which place is better to live and I'm a single guy looking to get married and have kids ideally. I won't be in either place forever (but for a few years maybe) which may be kind of funny considering neither seems to have a strong social life.

Thoughts? Thanks for any help you might offer.

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