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Living in Como, Italy. What is it Like?

Hi internations community,

I'm planning to relocate with my family to Como, Italy. Initially I'll be studying a master in the Como Campus of Politecnico di Milano, and see what happens next. I would like to read some comments about general aspects of living in Como: the weather, transportation, an approximate budget for a family of 3, scuola d'infancia (kindergarten, its costs, if you know some in particular that could be better for a kid who doesn't speak Italian), work opportunities (I've been in Italy recently and I know the country is going trough a tough situation in this aspect, but maybe at north the situation is less critical than at other regions, that's what I'd like to know), best areas of the city to live with family, and anything else you may think could be useful to me.

All things related to immigration process are clear to me, so this is not the kind of information i'm looking for. However any advise that you consider important or useful is also welcome (specially because the process seems to be a burocratic nightmare, hehe)

But primarily, I want to get a better idea about what is living in Como like. And i'm looking for opinion of both expats (because they have gone through all I will, and I'd love to read how was that transition and what they have discovered or learned) and Italians living in Como!

Thanks in advance for your comments, kind regards,

Miguel Pulgar

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