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Living on the beach in Ecuador - rental

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are currently living in Oslo, Norway, and we have always been talking about living in a tranquile place, preferably somewhere on the beach surrounded by nature and waves. After doing some searcing around the internet, we have sort of decided on Ecuador. We are seeing ourselves living there for about Protected content to begin with. Our ideal home for this period is a simple house/bungalow/cottage (not apartmentbuilding) on/close by the beach in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful nature. I have been searching around the whole world wide web (it sure feels like it), and everything I can find is apartments in apartment buildings or fancy villas by the beach. Does anybody have some advice on where to look for what we are searching? Some persons to contact or websites? We are only in the process of figuring everything out, so we won't move anytime very soon, but we want to get things sorted out so the planning will go somehow smooth.

All help will be highly appreciated! :-)

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