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Living with Aids - the reality


Many people, heterosexual and gay are living with HIV in our society Protected content - it is generally a subject that society wants to keep quiet about, but it happens.

Richard Fairbrass Protected content talks about HIV and safe sex.

We are living in a society where sexually-transmitted diseases are rife, can you afford to be ignorant.

I've met people who are living with HIV - one man recalled to me how he had been raped in the 80s, and another woman told me how she had got it on a one night stand in Zambia, but today you could get it just so easily nearer to home.

Antiviral medication is supplied quite freely in the UK, and helps some people deal with the symptoms, but there are plenty of people trying to sale all kinds of cures to people unlucky to have the disease.

Does society marginalize people who profess to be different in our society - yes of course, so how can we improve communication?

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