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Long term home swap Ireland or UK vs. Madrid

We are a Spanish couple with two daughters, 4 and 7 years old, deciding where to locate, amongst any Irish or UK city close to a University for the term Mid August Protected content Mid July Protected content mother lectures public economy and will enjoy a sabbatical year where to develop some research as a visiting scholar).

Since we have a tight budget our decision will depend on housing and school facilities&costs. In order to ease the financial part of it we are considering a home swap with our home in Madrid for anyone that would be interested for that period or a longer/smaller period starting around end august Protected content ending around june/september Protected content . Our home it is a nice Protected content meter apartment with 4 bedrooms, recently renovated and very centrally located Protected content walk to Puerta del Sol), metro and several buses nearby, … and close to the biggest green area in Madrid (Casa de Campo). We enjoy wonderful views over the river and the royal palace. We can also consider swapping our car and bicycles.
If anyone is interested please contact us.

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