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LOOKING FOR A JOB?...... Time for a reality check

The world has changed.

If you take a look at some of the job postings on Linkedin many of the jobs advertised actually show the number of people who have applied for a particular job.... Protected content have applied..... Protected content have applied..... Protected content have applied. Add to this the people who may have applied through other avenues and you start getting a idea of what is happening.

It is widely acknowledged that well over 80% of jobs are never advertised and with changes in social media it means many more people are applying for those jobs that are advertised.

For anyone looking for work you need to realise your chances of success when applying for jobs where there are often Protected content applicants are slim at best.

You also need to review your job search strategies and accept that sending off your CV and waiting for a response is often a futile and soul destroying exercise.

I work with people in helping them find work in Chile and around the world (via Skype).

If you are interested in being successful in your job search connect up or drop me a note Protected content

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