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Outsource offshore and save up to 70% in staffing costs! Easy fast, and low risk!

I have a Philippine based Outsourcing start-up company offering world class yet cost-effective administration support, paraplanning, sales support and customer service solutions to start-up companies and enterprise clients around the globe.
Our team is composed of highly trained professionals with above average communication skills. We all share the same passion for providing the best service to all of our clients. What sets us apart from other companies is our friendly, personalized approach that focuses on bringing customer satisfaction without compromising technical efficiency. We treat our clients' clients, and their business like our own, and we genuinely care about providing nothing but the best customer service experience for them.
If you will ask us “what can you help us with?”
Our answer to your question is “Anything that you need help with”
With effective use of technology available today, we can carry out almost any task you can think of. We will never say “we can’t do that” , we are a company that will always find ways to assist you in any of your business goal to make it happen.
Our bids are highly negotiable, and we offer flexible payment options.
If you need a skilled, experienced, and committed partner to take care of your Paraplanning, Sales Support, Customer Service, and Back Office operations, your search ends here!

Let's have a talk about your business requirements and expectations, and I’d be glad to provide solutions for you on a long-term basis. I look forward to a successful, long-term partnership with you soon.

Our Administrative support allows you to focus on building and maintaining client relationships by removing a large part of the compliance and administrative burden you face on a day-to-day basis.

We can assist you with any one or combination of the following financial planning administration tasks:

Initial Appointment
 Contacting client and booking appointments
 Managing your diary
 Sending pre-appointment packs
 Preparing meeting packs and presentations
Preparing your advice
 Follow up with client and product providers for outstanding information
 Existing product research and comparisons
 Obtaining insurance quotes and comparisons
 Enter data/ copy/ upload documents into your software or CRM system
 FNA Completion based on a written FNA
Implementing the plan
 Preparation of paperwork and application form
 Online submission of insurance and investment applications
 Confirmation letters/emails
 Ensuring files meet compliance requirements
Ongoing Client Service
 Maintaining database/software/CRM
 Answering queries and managing correspondence
 Organising review schedule
 Follow up and booking appointments
 Obtaining up to date information from client and product providers
 Preparing review documentation and reports
 Research using google
 Target market, obtain list of companies or individuals
 Competitors
 Possible advertising alternatives
 Software options : research compatibility and pricing
 Quotes for conference/ seminar facilities
Personal Assistant Services
 Arrange appointments
 Maintain daily calendar
 Organize travel reservations
 Check voice mail, take action to routing requests
 Confirm sales for the week
 Complete routine paperwork each day
 Duplicate files of the computer for safekeeping and back up
 Order office supplies
Human Resources Services
 Posting ads
 Receiving and reviewing resumes
 Confirm references on employment applications
 Conducting the initial interviews
 Update client to have the annual performance reviews
Transcription Services
 Transcribe recordings
 Transcribe tele-class recordings and email to all participants
 Take transcript over the phone, transcribe and prepare the message
 Pay online bills and invoices
 Update clients of impending bill due dates
 Settle bank accounts using accounting software
 Prepare and send invoices
 Create expenditure reports
 Follow up through phone to collect on past due charges
Word Processing & Presentations
 Organize survey, get responses for customer satisfaction
 Organize survey and tally the outcome following an event
 Create PowerPoint presentations
 Sort incoming e-mails
 Reply to routing requests
 Forward important items
 Update e-mail while clients is on vacation or on business trip
 Answer and reply to emails
Data Processing and Database Management
 Send proposal letters to new potential clients
 Send standard marketing resources
 Update marketing program for results and alterations
 Confirm database via phone prior to arranging a direct e-mail
 Encode collected business cards into the in-house database

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