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According to Robert L. Katz, 3 types of skills that every administrator should have included:

1. Technical skill: is professional qualification of the administrators.

For example, the computer program protocol, drafting legal business contracts, mechanical designers, etc. ... This is a very important skill for an administrator at grassroots level rather than an administrator at intermediate or advanced level.

2. Human skill: is knowledge related to the ability to work together, encourage and control staffs. Human skill is an especially skill of the management in relationships with others to facilitate and promote the completion of general works such as having a caring attitude to others, building a cooperate environment, know how to influence and guide personnel in the organization to complete the work.

3. Conceptual skill: This is the most important factor. They need a good strategic thinking to set out a suitable policy which helps them deal with uncertainty, threatening, and hindering the development of the organization. Administrators need to have an integrated approach systems thinking, analytical relationship between the department.

The administrator should have 3 skills as mentioned above, but their importance depends on the different levels of governance in the organization.

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