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Looking for the "best" spot to retire

Which is the best Hill Station town to live in?

I'm looking for quality of life: temperate climate, not too much rain, not too much heat, sanitary, with good running water, constant electricity, healthy environment (regular garbage pickup) North American amenities like WiFi and large expat communities. Is it Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital , Ranikhet or Almora?

Hello, I am a Canadian man looking to retire to India. My annual budget will be $530,000 Indian rupees. I have done research and found that a Hill Station town/city may be the place for me because of the temperate environment and cost of living. Can you tell me if retiring in India is possible on $530,000 rupees annually?

Is a Hill Station town the best place to retire for a Canadian looking to find the maximum bang for his buck? Are there expat communities in these Hill Station towns? If so, which Hill Station town has the largest expat community with the greatest opportunities for an individual like me? I am a business journalist with sales and marketing experience, and am wondering if I could find work as an English language editor in India.

I have thought of Dehra Dun, but it seems too hot in the summer. I guess I could always rent in Mussoorie for the summer and in Dehra Dun for the winter. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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