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Looking to Relocate

My Irish fiance and I are looking to relocate for a few years before we are too tied down to one place. We have to stay in Europe to be close enough to his elderly parents in Ireland. Both of us want to learn a new language from this experience as well (he speaks only English, and I speak French and English).
We are VERY interested in Heidelberg, Turin, and Amsterdam. We are wondering how likely our being able to work in any of these locations is! We are both freelance writers, but the freelance scene is MAJORLY dry right now due to a flooded market. I was a waitress and barista for 8 years, but I am doubting anyone in either of those cities would hire an English/French speaking worker.
If any of you live in/have lived in/have connections in Turin, Heidelberg, or Amsterdam could you let me know what the life is like, what the job opportunities are, and the cost of living?

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