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Looking to speak to Dubliners in Canada


Apologies if this is not the right area for this thread.

I'm a journalist for The Herald, based in Dublin.

We are looking to run a feature on the slight drop this year in Irish people taking up the Working Holiday Visa.

For the past couple of years the visa were snapped up in record time but this year hasn't been the case - with economic recovery here a potential factor.

We're doing some research on why else that might be and what effect it might have for next year's applicants.

It might make less visas available next year or halt negotiations that are taking place territory by territory in relation to rolling out an easy way for Irish people to exchange their driving licenses for a Canadian one.

I'm looking to speak to Dublin individuals in particular, who would have been apart of the visas that were "snapped" up over the years, about your life in Canada. How your life have been since they moved, how the driving license exchange has been for you, if you have any concerns or views as to why the numbers have dropped. Would they still encourage Irish people to take up the opportunity or would they be likely to come back home earlier, in terms of work.

We will also be getting a response from the Minister for Jobs, or Minister for Transport in relation to this.

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