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Luis' Life Wisdom

Why is time important?

STORY TELLING: At the year Protected content received a spiritual speaker at home, in Germany, for a couple of days. It was a last minute agreement, she had already a tour planned for Europe, and took the decision to visit LUIS by changing her pre scheduled flight and get 24 hours to meet LUIS before her tour to other cities/country in Europe. Luis and her guest discovered much in common and wished to work together. But she was fully booked for her 3 months tour: workshops, presentations, healing sessions, coaching sessions, visit to centers and important local people, to give attention to VIP people along leisure activities, everything pre set, scheduled and organized by the family that brought her to Europe. Even if LUIS would have made time enough to follow her activities along Europe, she would have had only 2 hours per week free. LUIS asked her if she had free time for her self and she had not. LUIS asked her if she had free time for her self and she had not. LUIS noticed her already like into a "pre-burned-out" and honored her dedicated and joyful sacrifice for her beneficiaries, compassion, but also warned her on the nature of the agreements she made. LUIS suggested the following idea for her next tours: Take 50% Protected content % of the time available for a pre set schedule, fixed for events, private sessions, leisure and VIP meetings. Take from the rest of the time 40% for activities you are used to engage in: while on tour or not on tour, keep your own work on track and on flow, empowered by what you love to do most, despite on what your hosts and managers wish you to do. Keep 20% for free time, for being alone, leisure, self-regeneration, being by yourself. Finally take 40% for letting life show you its wishes, unpredictable events, meetings, collaborations, journeys. Keep always a time window open for gifts life wish to give to you, for you to make new choices, discover new preferences, take opportunities, learn new things, develop new skills or change your whole life; welcome the results of your wishes. Every time you wish for any thing to the universe, to prime source, to god, to the field of consciousness, to your own heart, to the devas or to your own mind, inner being, to life, know it, you will receive an answer and mostly your wish will be fulfilled, but know that what you ask for, what the world around you perceives you want and what you think you ask for may not be the same; and that the conditions you may have at the moment of receiving the manifestation of your wish may not be the romantic ideal ones you have expected or considered to be feasible, possible or even known by you as ideal or worth of your attention. Life works in complex, simple, wonderful and magical ways. Life needs you to give attention, create space, energy for your own life to take place, only then life starts working for you”. LUIS and her new friend met only one more time, for a brief session. LUIS had to book a private session for both of them to continue with the unfolding of their encounter. Both have not met again since then. LUIS decided later for his own business and life to keep always space open, available for life to surprise him, for people that otherwise he would have never meet, to meet him, on the road, online, or at the country he lives. LUIS engage into random activities every year making the journey of life, the blessings of the gods, tangible for himself, and for other people he doesn't know but that he is meant to meet, share, celebrate and co-create life with.

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