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Making a banking account

Hi there, thanks for opening this thread.

I am a 17 year old about to finish high school. I need to make a banking account since after my exams I will be joining an online job and I would like the salary to be
transferred to my account. I talked to some banks about this including some Swiss banks but they say they can't do anything about this. I really need to make an account, because I need to save my salary in an account so I can use it for college. If anyone has any idea about this then please post about it. The account can be of any kind, like an anonymous account or an offshore banking, just something I don't have to go to in person. Also I don't have much knowledge about banking or interest money or anything. I just want to work in a good online job and save something for college which apparently is asking for super high fees. (Also if anyone knows about a good and real online job please write about it too). Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again

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