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Malaysian plane possibly downed by CIA??


Personally i would think its CIA
and not Russian nor Ukrainian govt
for downing another MA plane would probably draw a lot of attention to that region and thus the conflict there
besides downing plane full of people would not begets them sympathy from anyone but rather would put them and their struggle in a negative light
and highly unlikely to be accidental either
coz the plane is flying real low
even if you triple the distance at Protected content it will still be obvious a sight that its a commercial airplane
and this is a common EU to Asia route here
so not just MA flying by but many others too
so why just MA and why MA again??

so i think maybe because its CIA
coz not the Russians nor the Ukrainian govt can benefit from this added confusion
neither can the rebels for they are just pro-russians and firing expensive missile without any objective in mind and not even admitting for it ???
made it seem unlikely that they are the culprits

in fact it would seem to me that someone is intentionally drawing Asian interest into the Ukrainian conflict
drawing giants like china out to declare a certain stance
maybe they deem china to have been playing too conservatively
which is true for china
they are playing a lot of neutral cards in face of lot of issues, probably due to them not entirely ready to go against US yet

and while the previous MA plane may not have been CIA operation
i think they definitely have learned that they can benefit from it
fyi in the previous MA plane there were 5 chinese scientist sharing a multi billion dollar patent with a shady US company linked to israeli money and NSA
and with ALL the chinese scientists gone its a no brainer as to who owns the patent now
i think its highly possible for NSA to have known that there will be incident with MH Protected content basically have shared the intel with that particiular US corporation who see this as good opportunity to snatch the patent for themselves

CIA in turn sees the international reaction as something thet could use
coz from the surface US would probably seem to be the good side
coz Russian is not a media-friendly country and Putin image too is shadowed by KGB and cold war image
their moving in to crimea and other parts of ukraine will be seen as breaching territories of a sovereign country
and anyhow the US will be seen as the protector of world peace again

so this stepping up from being a rider to carrying the operation themselves???
highly plausibe scenario to me....

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