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Mandarinclick Career Development Scholarship

What is Mandarinclick?
Mandarinclick is a well-established consulting firm in the pulsing heart of Beijing. It bridges the East-West cultural gap by offering advice to foreigners and expats who want to enter the Chinese market with their local business or simply want to know more about Chinese (business) culture.

What is Mandarinclick Career Development Scholarship?
It is a scholarship for those who are interested in obtaining internships, jobs and volunteer programs in China.

What can I get from the scholarship?
We will offer qualified candidates with the following benefits:
l Protected content internship
l Protected content language course
l networking events in Beijing
l Protected content opportunities in China (see our volunteer programs)
l a recommendation letter for further career and study
l title of “Ambassador of Career in China” and a certification

What are the qualifications to this scholarship?
We are looking for applicants that:
l are active in their schools and communities
l have strong educational and career goals
l are self-motivated
l have sufficient proficiency of written and spoken English
l are interested in working in China
l have a bachelor degree in process or acquired

How should I apply for it?
Send an email to Protected content with your CV and updated photo attached. Please also include any supporting documents. Globally, we will select up to 20 participants based on students’ profile and statement of purpose. The deadline is July 15.

For more information about Mandarinclick, please find us at:
Protected content

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