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Mandela:What do you think/Tribute Thread 1918-2013


Hi Internations family,

As Nelson Mandela's health fails and he's declared critical over the past 24 hours, I'm curious to understand what the world thinks of him, his story, his legacy and his inevitable passing.

This is dominating CNN, BBC, and other international news channels as the leading story.

The vultures that are journalists are standing outside the hospital doors.
Funeral broadcasting rights have already been sold for millions.
The crafty businessmen are rubbing their hands in glee.
Family members are already in litigation over the financial benefits from "brand" Mandela.
The ANC? Well...

As South Africans, we know the story (the good, the bad and some of the ugly), we feel his legacy every day but are unsure there'd be any impact on our country in any way, once the "Founding Father" of the nation passes away.

What do you as a citizen of the world, think of Mandela's life-story, achivements/legacy (or failures);
South Africa pre/post Mandela, and how it's people have been shaped as a result of his leadership.

Most of all: did Mandela's journey have an impact on you/ or the world at all?

Anything you'd like to share related to this topic is more than welcome.
No right or wrong replies - just a healthy debate and forum being opened on this.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Edit: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has now passed away, aged 95years of age.
Rest in Peace, Tata.
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