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Marital rape an assault on Indian women .


40 times more Indian women are raped by Indian husbands than by other rapists . In 2/3 of Indian marriage husbands rape wives for sex ,one in every five Indian husbands rape their wives, Neither Indian courts or parliament recognize marital rape and are afraid that it will affect Indian family system.

In this video in Indian Tv ,this poor Muslim girl married a stupid and cruel Hindu Guy for love ,she changed her religion but still was treated as untouchable Muslim, who to extract sex from her inserted even foreign object in her body ,slapped her to a pulp and beat her up mercilessly with a wooden box .Her case is in court but Indian court stupidly says it should be filed not for an individual case but as a class action suit coming from many women.

Please watch the video. I saw the expression of pain in the face of Indian young girls who were watching that TV show ,to me it looked like they were just like the face of animals who are being taken to slaughter house for being murdered. Those girls must think marrying is a curse.

God please help women and wives. Please.

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