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Marriage in US - recognized in France?


If my British fiance (who is a resident of France) are married in the U.S., what (if any) steps do we need to take to make sure the marriage is recognized as legal/valid by the French government? (We will live in France, but near to Geneva.)

The process for marriage in the U.S. is very simple and does not require nearly the same steps or documentation as is required in France, so it seems like we may need to provide in addition to the US marriage license and certificate?

I am so so so open to hearing any stories (good or bad) about planning where to marry (in France or US, etc.) and issues faced in the visa/residence process! Please share!

I am an immigration attorney in the U.S., and our laws are very complex, so perhaps I am overthinking things because the EU is relatively simple and relaxed. But I also know just how sour things can become if steps aren't followed properly, etc. If anyone has an immigration lawyer in France to recommend, I may decide to contact one.

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