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Mauritius Pavilion First Participation 56th Venice

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takes Mauritius to the Venice Biennale
Palazzo Flangini - Cannaregio 252
The first national Pavilion of the Republic of Mauritius is based on a dialogue between Mauritian and European artists. Mauritius is a fusion of cultures, languages and ethnicities with its population composed of Indian, African, Chinese and European descendants.
The artists from Europe, based in established art centres such as the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, are each invited to present a work in response to the work by artists based in Mauritius, a remote island in the Indian Ocean. Challenging each other’s aesthetic and ideological canons, discussing art theory and practice, colonial heritage and postcolonial relations, education and politicization of culture, the Pavilion is not only a slice of the Mauritian artistic scene, but also a take on Western conventions when it comes to assessing the ‘art now’.
With this indirect approach to the idea of inclusiveness and difference, carried out by the work of fourteen prominent artists in their respective countries, the Pavilion of Mauritius aims to ‘take the temperature’ of the global art world, and possibly provide – besides a lot of questions – some answers.
Alfredo Cramerotti
Olga Jurgenson
Kavinash Thomoo, Djuneid Dulloo, Sultana Haukim, Nirmal Hurry, Alix Le Juge , Neermala Luckeenarain, Krishna Luchoomun, Tania Antoshina , Olga Jürgenson, Helge Leiberg, Bik Van Der Pol, Laure Prouvost, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Römer + Römer
They need support to fundraise for a catalogue and contributions are welcome. please help spread the word too!!!

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