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Medical Insurance Question (American in S. Africa)


I came to South Africa on fairly short notice (3 months) and am waiting the result of my residency (which I hope Home Affairs is processing as we speak). In the meantime, I'd like to start taking care of some of the business I didn't take care of before I left - medical insurance.

I'm fairly naive and ignorant when it comes to insurance terminology. This has made my own independent search more difficult since I typically just give up, which is of no advantage to me.

I've seen a doctor a few times out here (without insurance) and seemed affordable enough to me (considering what I've paid in the states on several occasions, even with insurance). However, I'd like to make sure that I'm not tricking myself into believing that South Africa's medical industry is cheaper (more affordable) than the USA's so I can just skip insurance all together based on my 2 visits to urgent care for a nasty stomach bug.

It LOOKS like what I would pay for monthly coverage for expat/traveler insurance ($ Protected content is a far cry from affordable (even for American standards) and cannot foresee why I wouldn't stick with the "Pay As You Need It" method that I'm currently using.

I am young 30's with a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise) with no 'pre-existing' conditions that need attention. I am only considering medical insurance because I'd like to have my yearly physical exam, dental exam, and female exam.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Am I way off base?

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