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Members pl. support

Dear Members,

You will be happy to hear this news.

I have been shortlisted for the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants award Protected content .

Imagine just two years in the country and can be one of the Top 25 immigrants, thanks to Gods support, my network of friends and a bit of hard work.

Out of over Protected content , the panel of judges shortlisted 75 individuals from across the country.

This list is now open to the public to vote and based on the number of votes received, the Top 25 will be selected.

So it is my personal request:

Please use the link below and scroll down the page for the steps to follow, they are very very simple. Select 'N' to find Gautam Nath on the list and kindly nominate me for this award.

Protected content

\thanks in advance,

Gautam Nath

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