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"Mine - Yours - Ours" ...but why so urgent?

We have a narrow window of opportunity to organize society and get everyone on a sustainable path in preparation for the next stage of humanity’s development. The key to turning things around is a NEW GLOBAL EDUCATION using a method that will provide people of all ages and backgrounds with basic information about global processes. The goal will be to allow Davos-like messages about the new interconnected reality to trickle down to the mainstream.

Why the sudden urgency? Social scientists studying networks explain that after reaching a certain degree of interconnectivity, the networks start obeying rules of their own, rules distinct from the people who form the networks.

During the next ten years, humanity will have to decide whether it wants to embark on a path of correcting its ways— which will cause Nature’s treatment of us to change instantly, or to begin a war of annihilation.

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