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We at Life Evergreen Technologies have developed anti-counterfeiting cutting edge solutions for product authentication.
Our simple Mobile Product Authentication process will authorize customers to get support to fight against fraudulence products by using mobile phones to make sure that they only purchase genuine products and not the fake ones. How it Works? Checking the genuineness of products is easy through Product Authentication portal. And it can be done free at the point of sale. We have engineered our solutions with a focus on consumers by offering simple easy option to verify the authenticity of the products at the point of purchase.

• First scratch the label of product in the Scratch label box.
• Enter the Product Number and click on the Send button.
• As soon as you will send the message, the results will be displayed or you can see your result.

Within a short span of time you can come to know about the genuineness of product that you are going to purchase. So, protect your consumers and defend your brand name from counterfeit versions of your products.
We are looking for Manufacturers that will integrate this solutions in their product
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