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Mongolia: Naadam Special Tour 2013

From the 11th to the 14th of July, Ulaanbaatar and surroundings

Since the time of Chinggis Khan, the Naadam festival is well-known as the national festival of all Mongols. Somehow, it still is today the great summer nomadic meeting it used to be, as Mongols come from all over the steppe and compete with each other in strength and skill: traditional archery (also open to women), wrestling, and ankle-bone games, known as the summer “Manly Games”. And let's not forget the famous horse races and their celebrated children riders, where entire families compete in selecting, breeding, and training highly praised race horses: a race in which victory also means luck and divine favour for everyone!

This unparalleled tour invites you to enjoy the National Naadam Festival of Ulaanbaatar, not only the main sports tournaments, but also the little side attractions and animations that make the entire town beat with the festive atmosphere of early summer.

11th July, Central Stadium, Ulaanbaatar

Morning: opening ceremony of the Naadam (speech by the President of Mongolia, presentation of the nine banners and flag raising ceremony (yes khult turiin tsagaan tug), parade and show).

Afternoon: tournaments in wrestling, archery, and the ankle-bone game.

Evening (6 PM): wonderful show of traditional Mongolian performing arts (dance, music, song, contortionism...).

12th July, Khui Doloon Khudagt

Take part in the festive atmosphere that enhances the natural beauty of the site, about 30 miles away from the capital city. Watch the horse races that draw crowds from every part of the country, feel the thrill, roar in time with the audience as the victorious horse crosses the finish line, carrying his diminutive rider on his back. Visit the trainer's camp, where horses are trained and prepared. Enjoy all sorts of side activities and attractions that take place around the main races during the event.

13th July, Ulaanbaatar and Terelj

Morning: attend the colorful parade of Mongolian traditional clothing on Sukhbaatar square.

Afternoon: take a break away from the busy city and go to the countryside, to Terelj, where you will meet with your host family: let them share with you the traditional meal khorkhog, and drink tasty airag (fermented mare’s milk), the summer festival drink!

Evening: once the temperature has cooled down, enjoy a walk in the sunset, and then under the stars, in the beautiful landscapes of Terelj Natural Park.

Accommodation: yurt, with your host family.

14th July: Morning: return to Ulaanbaatar.

Price: Protected content / pers.

Maximum 10 persons

Our price includes:

- Mongolian / English interpreter;
- lunch meals (picnic);
- water for the day;
- dinner (khorkhog) and accommodation in host family (last evening);
- transportation (car and driver) to Khui Doloon Khudagt and Terelj;
- tickets for the Naadam;
- entrance fee for the Natural Park of Terelj.

Please note that during your stay in Ulaanbaatar, local transportation, evening meals and accommodation are not included. However, should you need any help with organising it, we will be pleased to assist you: don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Chuka: Protected content , Protected content (speaks English, French, Mongolian)

Sophie: Protected content , Protected content (speaks English, German, French)

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