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Morality - The Social Pillars of a Given Culture?


How important is it to strive to uphold the standards of a culture, to uphold its moral codes both in public and in our personal lives?

And if the social moral codes are allowed to be destroyed, doesn't it carry over into other areas of the society, further weakening the glue that holds the society together?

Can any society stand strong, even more importantly, in the face of adversity, if we start setting the bar lower to accommodate the "in" trends?

Isn't the social cultural strength of a nation as important as its financial strength, especially in attempts to relate to other cultures?

So how important are the moral codes of any given society?

Recently, I began to think quite heavily about this subject after looking at a performance on stage by the 20-year-old Miley Syrus at the VMA awards show. I saw the performance the next day as it was the talk of the country. I have never seen anything quite like it in public display and that is generally the trend of pubic opinion.

I wonder what thoughts are going through your minds as you watch this? I would like to hear the opinions of both females and males across the IN cultures. Please feel free to speak out.

Could this happen in your culture?

Would kind of an impression are you building not only of this young woman but the culture in general?

After this was allowed on a public stage, no offence can be taken.

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