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more adventurous personality needed?


hey all
i just wanna bring up an issue which have been in my mind for long time.
its not very huge and in fact its probably not an issue for many others that i know
but i'm thinking i'll just air my questions no matter what, who knows i can get some inspiration from discussing it
basicly i think social networking phenomena like facebook and linkedins and even IN itself is great
it brought many strangers together and reconciled many old friends and also helped to create opportunities for many professionals and businessmen alike
but im also beginning to notice like friends who are younger than me and even with many of my younger cousins, the very undesirable traits like following-the-herd-blindly and lack of sense of adventure and diminishing individualism and increasing discrimination according to (and over-prioritizing of) social skills.

the lack of sense of adventure is what bothers me most
it could be even be the root of it all or the most obvious sign of bad effects of social media
and it makes sense and understandable to me as i find these phenomenas to have a connecting element
basically as you have more friends and are more sociable and are exposed to social networking platforms like fb your priorities began to shift to more social-related activites. the result is you began to get more concerned with social trends and following the latest and the best(twitter) and to be the most updated of news and infos
and suddenly the minorities and the different are regarded as abnormalities
jakarta must be one of those cities with the most blackberries but prob not much who went on to use more than just its messenger(bbm)
and kids who dont want to ride rollercoasters?????(for various reasons)
youngsters who frown upon trying out restaurants that doesnt have a review on net???
yes to mainstream music and no to indie music and movies???
frown upon going to mall alone coz fellow youngster will suspect you are a freak??
man , where is this world heading to i really dont know......

what say you guys?

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