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Mosque at 9/11 What are you talkin' about?


"The times they are a-changing"

I remember my grandparents lived in Tooting in the Protected content , a suburb of London, and not far from the Majestic Cinema, which today has become the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque, and the neighborhood has changed so much.... it is now frequented with immigrants from Somali, Nigeria and the like, and some women are wearing full length Burkas.....

In my work I know two people who are Moslems, Mohammed and Saeda, they are nice warm people, and genuine.

In my present community planning permission has been agreed to turn two shops in an Islamic Community Center, and already they are asking to be open from 4am to Protected content - it worries me.

What am I reading? The Mosque at 9/11 and the comment in the papers.

I could try to read a lot into that, couldn't I?

But I could also read a lot into how the Federal Government are trying to change our lives!

The problem is religion - the Pharisees and the Religious bigots.

O come on - really come on!

Is this a big deal or something else?

Why should we not welcome diversity in our society, be open etc.....

If we are fully inclusive of other cultures, an open society respecting each other, allowing same sex unions, understanding one another, will not acceptance come about in religious tolerance?

Will we not prevent wars?

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