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Motorcycling through the mountains of Peru in luxe

8 high-end motorcycles available for groups of outdoor loving people who like to adventure through the mountains and dunes of Peru (Packaged Luxe Program including rental).
Leaving Lima for up to 13 days in an all-arranged, all-inclusive travel arrangement (save souvenirs), I accompany you or your friends on what is a profound and exciting route: skimming coast and peaks, high altitudes and low bearing rainforest. All hotels are luxe and main meals are arranged in high end places along the way, gasoline included. Led by an expert motorcycling guide and friend of mine we spend time on long trails, with spectacular views and long night conversations under ruins and starred skies and sleep comfortably below high peaks. Altitudes may reach 4,500 m.a.s.l. although most of the track is on highways through towns and cities all the way to Cusco and back. The stay in Cusco is prime and luxe, lengthy enough to enjoy it like every other visitor with the added excitement of having arrived there adventurously on wheels.

Excellent for team building or friends; if a group is about to start I might as well fit you in a nice group. We generally arrange such a travel every other month of the year and some due preparation is needed. Although not necessarily experienced riders are due called, experience with motorcycles is necessary for safety.

It is better to work with an all round package and just have you arrive to Lima on your own. All the rest is arranged. If your feel you don't have enough experience with motorcycles let me know and we can discuss it in detail.

Request for a pdf will all the details. Give me a hint to questions you might have and whether you find it appealing or any suggestions you may have. Send me a private message if your are interested in booking a certain time of the year. If you feel someone you know might be interested let him or her write me.

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