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move to kuala lumpur... any advise?

hello everyone,
i might find myself in kuala lumpur later this year. and would be happy to get some information reg

- work
is it difficult for europeans w/o any knowledge of any asian language to get a job? my field is advertising though would be open for other jobs as well. any job platforms you can recommend?

- difficult to get the work permit?

- healthcare system
to my knowledge the healthcare system is quite good, right?

- economy
still on the rise as far as i know, thanks to petronas...

- income/salary resp expenses
i know, sensitive topic ... what are the fixed monthly deductions (taxes, social security etc....) i have to consider, can i get information on levels of income anywhere

- recommended areas to live in

i am happy to get any additional information you might have, anything i should consider etc...


all the best,

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