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Move to Tunisia from the uk

Hi everyone
I'm thinking of moving to Tunisia from the uk
This is a plan and I'm not rushing but iv some questions if anyone can help with please
My partner is Tunisian and has ask me to move over there to be with him which I would do without hesitation if I didn't have my son to consider as he is my first priority
He's 13 so in year 8 at high school so in his education where its hard to move him especially to a different country

Could anyone advise on the education in Tunisia?
Iv made a few enquiries to international school but hearing about someones experience would be very helpful
Also I would need to work so would anyone know of any work I could possibly do with only speaking English? I know it's not going to be easy for me and my child so I'm in no hurry to move our lives
Advice on anything would be much appreciated

Kins regards

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