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Moving to Mauritius

Hello everybody, I need some info on moving to Mauritius. Following are the queries I have.
1. What are the good schools available? We have 4 kids, 2 primary school age, 2 secondary school age. I would like them to learn the British Curriculum.
2. If the office is in Ebene, can we live near the beach and find good schools for the kids? Will we have far to travel to school and work?
3. Are stand-alone houses with spacious gardens readily available? How much is the rent likely to be of such a house?
4. What are the good residential areas?
5. How much is the price of a Prado or a similar SUV?
6. What is the salary of a housemaid and a driver? Are good maids available? Can we bring our own maids?
7. What is the grocery bill likely to be for a family of six?
8. How far from Ebene are the following: Moka, Mapou, Port Louis, the nearest beach?
9. How is the traffic?
10. To work in Ebene and to send the kids to school in Moka, what is the best place to live? The kids are used to a big home with lots of space and lots of greenery in very spacious gardens. They are extremely outdoor kids, always in the beach and the mangrove forests next to our home in Sri Lanka. I'd like them to be close to nature wherever we are.

Thx everybody.


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