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Moving to Serbia

For some time I have been seriously considering a move to Serbia. I've been all through the Balkans on holiday, and totally fell in love with Serbia. My grandparents were Serbian, and it was so nice to see the beautiful country they were from, as well as meet up with my extended family over there.

I know that Australia is a wealthier country and all that, but I have had it with this place. Everything is illegal. I can't enjoy a quiet beer while fishing at the pier, I can't ride a bicycle without lights or a helmet, I can't let my dog run around at the beach, I'm not a big drinker but it would be nice to let loose to get drunk in a bar sometimes (which is illegal). The other day I was fined for crossing the road. Soon, all bars will be forced to lock people out after 1am. I'm tired of the police state, and dull, soulless culture (in the cities).

Currently I am working to improve my Serbian language skills. My basis in Russian makes it easier. I'm not about to pack up and leave overnight of course, I am in no great hurry.

But, I came to Australia when I was a kid. So I don't know much at all about bailing out of the country! I work in IT, but... I don't have formal qualifications, only years of experience. What would I need to find work in IT in Serbia? I am also interested in teaching in English.

How difficult is it to get a work visa? What is the rent like in Belgrade? Or what about other towns? Actually I'd love to live in a small town, but of course I must think about job prospects. What is the process of moving there permanently, or at least for a few years?

I'm not too worried about integrating with the Serbs. I have family who can help me (though I don't want to burden them too much), and while I hear that some Serbs can be a bit weird towards English speakers, I personally never encountered that. I'm more than willing to spend the time becoming fluent in the language and learning about local customs - I don't plan on doing this in half measures!

Oh, and I also have a dog. Don't suppose anyone has skipped the country with a dog? No way I'm leaving him behind.

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