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Must Read This Review Before You Buy QIUI Cellmate

1 When you first see QIUI Cellmate, I am sure you find the design kinda amazing and cheek.
2 It is made of high strength poly carbonate and provides a good handfeel.
3 It is very easy to pair the device to realize remote control & keyholding.
4 It's IPX7 waterproof so you can wear it taking a quick shower

1 Besides looking bulky, cellmate provides very limited size options, to be exact only 2 size options so fitting can be a problem for quite some men!
2 Lack of ventilation holes which makes things reek quite quickly.
3 The tube has almost no ventilation and cleaning proved very difficult at best.
4 It is ok to use the device for very short remote play for a few hours but not feasible for long term.
5 The current lack of override option on the self timed lock is a big concern. If you need to remove it in an emergency you can’t. It would be more sensible to set very short time to unlock yourself for cleaning and for emergencies.
6 Remote control gets unstable and the system can be hacked so safety becomes a big issue!
7 It is kinda pricy. Its price ranges from $189-$279. A metal/plastic cage + Remote Lock cost $70-$80.
8 It can be easily replaced by any metal/plastic cage/custom made belt +internet controlled lock to realize the function of internet chastity.

I gave up using QIUI Cellmate to do remote keyholding a long time ago because I found better way to realize long distance chastity keyholding. Any metal/plastic cage/belt + Remote lock fits men better and functions much better than cellmate.

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