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My Little "Miracle" Book

There was a time in my life where I just witnessed everything that I thought was mine was falling apart.

I was in tremendous pain and someone like me who thinks herself to be die hard optimist... this was not a happy situation. I have always held myself as someone who can face any challenges and situations.

But this time no matter how hard I tried I just saw myself sinking in pain and despair.

As I was looking for that one thing that I could hold on to and feel positive again no matter how difficult it was outside.

I started maintaining a little miracle book....I told myself that from now on I will write all the things that were my moments of joy in that day.

A smile from a poor man, a note from a friend, a compliment from a colleague, a smile from a stranger founds its way in my little miracle book. As I started penning these little joys everyday I started feeling better.

Life was not all that bad, all my moments in a day were not all that bad.....I had good moments too and I thanked my maker for these little joys which I had missed to see before.

My Little Miracle Book....has a thought " Every day is a Miracle I cause "

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