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My Newest Travel Buddy Helps Young Women

Nope I'm not talking about a points card, I'm talking about something personal. While this is a product for women, guys you might want to read on. I've only posted once before on InterNations but when it's something that helps me and the greater community all you want to do is share.

I'm a globetrotter and an expat like many of you. To be honest, I'm tired of: lugging around feminine hygiene products; asking a friend who is visiting to bring me some from the States; and feeling guilty about the carbon footprint of my precious silk applicator tampons. I was attached to the brands, styles, and quality products introduced to me by girlfriends and the women in my family.

Then I moved to Kenya and was introduced via an A Small World connection to a new client for a marine conservation project. A Swedish-German expat, he was known around Diani Beach as Mr. Cup. A real live social entrepreneur Volker Bassen had heard about the cup and invested in making his own product, the WonderCup, which he sells at fair market rate in the developing world—less than quarter of the price of the leading cup brands.

Volker told me how this menstrual cup had the power to change lives. Skeptical at first, I had to try it and to get feedback from the communities in which he was working. I was shocked when I read and heard stories of what young women were doing when they didn't have enough money for pads.

This was three months ago and now I'm flying around with a little pouch, not a sack full tampons and pads of varying absorbances. Talk about hooked. I can sleep on the plane. I can do Muay Thai anytime of the month. I can even wear a white dresses without fear.

Having turned me into a true believer, I wanted to do more. My professional typically life orbits around projects that increase opportunities for girls and women in the developing world. Volker told me he wasn't concerned about profits on this project but on creating a new dialogue about "that time of the month" and getting his WonderCups to the women who need it most.

A Buy 1 Donate 10 crowdfunded campaign was born with pilot programs running in Colombia, Ghana, and Kenya. Over the next six months we hope to add Brazil, Peru, Uganda, Tanzania, Guatemala, and Cape Verde to the countries in which we offer workshops about reproductive health and usage of the WonderCup.

It's more travel for me as I oversee the startup projects but no longer do I have to plan my flights around my period.

If you want to know more about what is going on or would like to support the cause please take a moment to visit Protected content
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