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My thoughts on Syria...

Was reading that they found one of the largest natural gas fields on the planet in Syria.... it stretches all the way into Iran.... 24 months ago they had already surveyed the area and talks of an auction for the drilling rights to this field had begun, seeing how cash strapped us and the Yanks are there was a real threat that China and to a lesser extent Russia would have been able to out-bid us, effectively cutting us out of picture... So in the midst of the Arab spring last year, "they (I don't know who or if they even exist but I think they do)" started giving carte blanche to the "rebels" to wreak havoc in Syria expecting a quick "spring cleaning" that to this day still hasn't come..... A few months back world media started saying that Secret Service agents from various countries had heard internal syrian chatter about the use of chemical weapons against the rebels, and all the European Leaders especially Hollande said that the use of Chemical agents against rebels/civilians would not be tolerated, shortly after President Obama gave the famous red line speech and last week they are trying to make us believe that President Assad ordered a chemical weapon strike on the most vulnerable of targets: Women and Children. Now you really have to be pretty retarded to order a chemical weapon attack against your people when the whole world is constantly watching you and tapping into your systems to hear and read all your communications. The man who supposedly ordered this attack was until recently seen as a new Savior for Syria a beacon of light coming out of decades of darkness, he went to the United Kingdom met with the Queen and the Prime Minister, he ate, drank and laughed with all our biggest Industrialists and political leaders, the first Syrian leader to meet with a US President in decades, he dined with Nancy Pelosi and George W. Bush on more than one occasion. He was our little golden child (not perfect, he still had to be able to command some respect at home, but good enough) now he is being made to look like the antichrist... don't get me wrong I think the guy is an asshole, he is the son of a dictator who repressed his own country for 30 years (all these Arab dictators are also our fault, not dodging blame) how can he not be?? and I'm not saying he should be left in power, all I'm saying is that we should learn our lessons as the leading half of the earth, we attacked Iraq on bullshit information (we all know it was for the oil), but do we really have to ruin another country and kill another couple of hundred thousand poor fools who have no faults or no say in any of this? not to mention the many generations of new terrorists that our actions are causing, remember all the people that we kill have brothers, fathers, mothers and sisters who will be vulnerable and easily employable by all the Al Qaeda's or whoever out there that want to take advantage of pain to cause terror... just thought i'd put that out there to get us started.



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