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My Word Creates My World

In my reflective journey I have come to realise that every word I speak creates a world out there.
Whether this word is spoken to myself or to others it creates a new world.
I have started catching myself when I use language which does not empower me and others.
I have started reflecting on situations where I have used motivating and powerful words to my team or even personal circles what was the result and when I got upset and angry and the language I used what did it cause?
In this reflective journey I realised every time I got upset and angry and used words that cause hurt to me and others the result was pain, waste of time and energy, relationship lost.
Every time I used words that empowered, encouraged, the results were positive, relationships mended, efficient use of time and energy. As I conclude I realise……..

Words can cure
Words can cut
If I cannot heal
Let me not hurt.

-Veena Chugh

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