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need a science expert ?

Dear INers,

A different collection item: knowledge. In university done 3 faculties 2 year each. Then 2 M.Sc. and 3 PhD programs, 3 postdocs in different countries, now on Assistant Professor track. Done the most sophisticated projects in all top areas I can get into
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it seems that I know a lot already: from math, finances, computer science to quantum physics and pharma ..

So now I'd think that the learning curve is well overdone, and the world benefits hugely from my knowledge and expertise !! I am consulting a number of companies for money, and some government organizations for free. But that is by far not the large impact I was hoping for after all the efforts :(

Please, let me know if you know of some role needing broad science knowledge, e.g. CSO or science guru or Scientific Consultant.

My search process is accelerating, but all my colleagues, friends and relatives can't help me with finding "my place", while big consulting companies and United Nations-like international organizations still want me to do MBA first, but hej, do I need still more knowledge of that kind ? and will it help to solve all those urgent problems of humanity ? My current knowledge can.

Please, respond with something, I shall consider carefully all input, including haha type.

Sincerely Yours,


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