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Need an easy way to navigate your new city?

Everyone on here knows the pain of moving to a new city and not knowing all the places or how to efficiently get around. It's even harder when you're living in a city that speaks/writes a different language than you do. This app, addressME, has made it easier for expats to navigate their new cities by allowing them to choose the address for their locations.

1) Pick a location or allow the app to find you.
2) Choose a name for that location and save it

It's as simple as that. From that point you can share your address with fellow expats, use GPS navigation to reach there, or take an Uber directly to that place. No need to rely on any government addressing system or maps, you have the freedom to choose your own address. And its free :)
We dont ask for your name during sign up and you can set your address to private, so the privacy of your address is guaranteed.

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