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Need Internations Community help

Dear all members
i would like to thank you all for being my virtual family .
and i would like to ask your help to find a job !!
i know its not the perfect way searching, but i think that i must try every possible way .
my last job was a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at biggest mining company in Sudan, but unfortunately,, the board decided to stop all operations in Sudan and to dismiss all the staff .
i been working as Regional Director in Egypt
Areal Manager in Dubai
Wholesales Manager in Saudi Arabia
Branch Manager in Syria
I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management
i have two nationalities : (Syrian & Sudanese)
and i'm ready to work in any place around the world .

I'm very sorry to say that, but my family (wife, kids, mother and sister) still in Syria under the war, and i need to work to support them and trying to get them out of war area .

i been trying to apply for many jobs using all websites and agencies,, but i think that the mean problem is (my nationality)
i have no hands in the war, i just need to work and support my family .
no one want to help me financially, and no one want to help me finding a job !! why ???

i want to try here, and i have a feeling that one member will help me in that .

please accept my apologizes if my words bother you .
but please understand my situation as well .

waiting for your kind reply .

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